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  • Bike Repairs and Servicing

    At Electric Velocity, we believe in giving five star service and good value for money to our customers. We cater for the full range of bike repairs and services.

    For punctures on wheels containing an electric motor, we charge $50 for the labour and tube. That’s only because it is much more involved in rewiring the cables.

    For a Basic Service valued at $80, we check to make sure all essential components of your bike (ie the frame, drivetrain system, steering system, gears, brakes & wheels) are functioning correctly.

    Other regular bike services include:
    Wheel Truing $30
    Tune gears $35
    Tighten/adjust brakes, lube cables $40 Pair
    Bottom bracket overhaul/replacement $40
    Wheel build $70
    Tyre fitting, wheel replacement $15 each
    Change handlebars $35

    E-bike Related Services & Parts:
    Diagnosis and Quote $80
    General Service Work $80/hr
    Replacement Parts
    Thumb or Twist Throttle $35
    E-Brake levers $35 Pair
    Controller $50 - $150
    Battery $500-$700 depending on specifications
    Motor 250W $350-$500
    Charger approx $75
    PAS sensor $35
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