Electric Velocity Cyclery:

We provide a wide range of push bikes, and electric bikes. As well as bike repairs, both regular and electrics.

We stock reputable brands of push bikes and electric bikes, including Fuji Bikes, Marin Bikes, Promovec, Optimist, Bionx conversion kits.

Our push bikes, and electric bikes are backed with full warranty. This is particularly important for electric bikes, as they do need more maintenance.

By buying from a reputable and well established bike shop, you get a peace of mind of knowing your bike will be fully supported, and save yourself the frustration of dealing with an Online vendor with no physical shop presence.

We also cater for full range of bike repairs and servicing. We have expert bike mechanics and electric bike technicians who will help you keep your bike working like clockwork, so your ride is smooth, reliable, and enjoyable.
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